Piece of cake in a glass

Ok now, where is the cake? In most other countries this would be called a trifle or a parfait, but in Denmark they call this an old-fashioned apple cake. It’s made of smooth apple sauce topped with whipped cream and it is one of the best deserts out there. I have actually changed quite a few things from the […]

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Cook from scratch and REPeat

I think it is more of an awareness of knowing where your food comes from. The farmers understand it. They have been doing this for years. They got it! Reteaching old habits seems to be the toughest part. On the other side of the table people truly want to know where their food is coming […]

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Make friends with your kitchen

You have enough food knowledge and decision-making skills to create a positive experience towards cooking. It is not about making complicated recipes with a multitude of ingredients and procedures or using difficult-to-handle food options or equipment. Instead, it’s about finding a handful of simple time-effective recipes that can be practiced on a daily basis. It’s […]

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Rice rice baby

Rice. The staff of life for nearly all of Asia. So pure in its snowy simplicity, yet so complex in its cultivation. Rice is at least seven to ten thousand years old. From its birth up to today there was a continuous process of improvement in growing this crop. Although it is mostly connected with […]

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REPeat Alternatives to everyday boring dishes

Alternatives to everyday boring dishes

Bored of eating same sh*t every day. Well, thanks to an increasing public ‘what’s on my plate’ activity more and more individuals are exploring vegetarian, vegan and gluten free diets. Sure, it can seem hard to give up your favorite comfort foods, but here’s the good news — you don’t have to! Take care of […]

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couscous haters

Couscous for the couscous haters

I know quite a few people who hate couscous. Even the word itself is strange. Me, on the other hand, always keep making it just ‘cause it goes well with almost everything. There’s always a pack of that instant gold to be found in my kitchen. Foodies will scream: i-n-s-t-a-n-t. Yeah, instant.

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happy food - eat this and you will smile

Eat this and you will smile

From drowsiness after a hardcore meal to the jittery caffeine buzz, what we put inside our machine has a serious effect on how we feel. Good thing we can make choices and eat food that will boost our mood and go low on the ones that leave us cranky and irritated.

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