The beating of my heart

I adore the farmer’s market and the flea market, feeding friends and all of those cheerful things. Living is a humble thing. Cooking is a devine, ancient art. It is the elevation of biological necessity. It is the beating of my heart. It is broccoli and cauliflower. I like sharp knives. I like simplicity. I […]

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Fresh or dry

The name oregano comes from the Greek, meaning ‘joy of the mountains’. I can easily imagine an ancient Greek shepherd with a bunch of sheep, picking springs of oregano leaves from a woody bush on a rocky hillside. Fresh oregano has a robust, woodsy flavour that makes it one of my go-to herbs in the […]

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I saw red

Imagine your salad in a restaurant. Now picture the salad without the lettuce, cucumber and radish. Is it a little pile of cheese or carrot shavings and some corn? More or less. Great salads don’t have to contain leafy greens, though. In fact, sometimes they don’t contain any greens at all. This roasted beet sweet […]

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