REPeat FOODZINE Purple Issue

Here it is. My second foodzine, the purple issue. A whole new batch of hand-drawn recipes to get you stoked in your kitchen. Cooking is not a competition but a ritual of sharing love. A love affair between you and the ingredients. Allow your senses to do the cooking and decide of an ingredient you wish to use in your dish. Don’t be governed by what the recipe dictate the measurments to be. Different individuals have different needs, at different ages, in different season. No two people are the same, nor do they have the same requirements. Always believe you are the magician of your life and that you create your own miracles. It doesn’t matter what others think of your dishes. What matters is what you think and how you feel.

It does not matter how you reach the final dish as long as you get there. In cooking there are no mistakes or disasters, just experiences that help us to grow. Always have an ‘I can do it’ attitude when cooking. We must give ourselves permission in the kitchen to create dishes that are not always harmonious. There is no one right way of making a recipe work and there is no one right method to follow – there are so many.

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