One table experience

I remember the first dinner I made for perfect strangers. It reminded me how I felt when I was starting to cook and I would make meals for family and friends. The communal feeling and connection you get from cooking for people is wonderful. I’m very lucky to have a real relationship with the people I feed. I greet them, I introduce each dish as it comes out. There’s no connection between kitchen and table.

Well, I have some news for you. Soon you’ll be able to come over and sit at REPeat’s table. The idea is to cook about five dinners a month and each time, 6-10 guests who don’t know each other come together around one table. I am not worried about the concept not working socially. We live in a society where we’re generally afraid of talking to strangers (except on social media), but my one table experience is like being at a wedding. You don’t necessarily know the people you’re sat at a table with, but you become great friends for a few hours and share an experience.

I wish to promote the flavours and ingredients of global cuisine. It’s all around the world food that I’ve always loved. I love to create and compose, not just to cook. Another positive side effect of running a one-table pop-up is the almost total lack of food waste. If I’m cooking for 8 guests, I’ll buy food for 8 people, and no more. I pick the ingredients out myself and I really think that people feel the energy of receiving a product intended for them – a product which is really their property.

I’m going to start this because the food industry is not just about cooking recipes but about creating new concepts. And I have a place to do it now. If you’re experiencing something genuinely innovative, you will – as a by product of the excitement this creates – enjoy the food that you’re eating more. Welcome to Postojna. March 2020!