REPeat Alternatives to everyday boring dishes

Alternatives to everyday boring dishes

Bored of eating same sh*t every day. Well, thanks to an increasing public ‘what’s on my plate’ activity more and more individuals are exploring vegetarian, vegan and gluten free diets. Sure, it can seem hard to give up your favorite comfort foods, but here’s the good news — you don’t have to! Take care of your body and your taste buds by whipping up some delicious and healthy alternatives to traditional same old recipes.

Example. Pasta is a comfort food classic. For a healthier twist, swap out traditional white wheat noodles for rice pasta or buckwheat pasta. In addition to being gluten free, these options also offer more fiber than traditional pasta noodles, making them good for your heart and your digestive system. If you want to take it to the next level, give vegan cheese a whirl! Boil cauliflower, carrots and onions and stick them in the blender until they’re smooth. Some cashews, water, lemon juice and seasoning and you’re good to go! So simple. It adds a flavorful punch to your meal while delivering lots of vitamins and minerals.

But what about your sweet tooth? Don’t worry! There are plenty of ways to put a healthy spin on your favorite post-dinner indulgences. Many desserts are heavy on the eggs. For a nutritious vegan and gluten free substitute, mix ground raw flaxseed with some water. This thickens up many batters nicely, especially in brownies, muffins and cookies. Steer away from heavily-processed white sugar and use the good stuff — natural cane sugar. Natural cocoa powder lends richness to chocolatey treats. Add a little cacao powder for a little extra bitterness and a whole lot of antioxidants and magnesium.

Who says healthy food can’t be indulgent too?