No more dark food days

There’s no theory to explain why we’ve chosen to eat processed food over home-prepared nutritious marvels. We accepted the concept of eating shit because we honestly thought that’s the way dishes are supposed to be. We didn’t bother learning how to cook for ourselves. We realised that we don’t have enough budget to do so. And of course there’s never enough time.

I learned how to cook somewhere along the way and kept pushing my skills. Coincidently I started eating better. And you can too. I’m not a hippie with all of the time in the world, living somewhere in the woods, preaching how you should eat and live. I’m your neighbour in a five-story apartment building in any dirty old town. And somewhere on the way I decided to eat right. Damn right it’s a decision. As it is putting more fruits and vegetables on the plate. Not saying this as a kind of health hitler nor a fit coach motivator screaming ‘You can do this!’ in your ear. Nobody wants to eat grass and roots, but y’all know that all this processed shit isn’t doing any favours to your wallet or your waistline. You don’t have to live in America to spend almost half of your food budget on grab and go menus. And you’re not ordering a salad either.

At the end of the tunnel there’s an important part of your body. The asshole. That’s exactly the point where all the food related problems gather and have a party. It’s time to kill their show and have no more dark food days. Nobody should apologize if they try to take care of themselves or want to get better food for their families. You don’t have to be a first class ass to pay attention to what you eat.