One spoon at a time

Growing up, my mom was very, very into soups and stews, among other beautiful meals that came from her kitchen. She’d make them all year long, whether it was burning hot or freezing cold outside. Some days I’d be sweating into my plate and others I’d be using it for warmth. At the time, I didn’t truly understand her obsession. Soups and stews are great and all, but not so great that you’d actually want to make them almost every day. Right?

Now that I’m time-saving big boy, I totally get where she was coming from. Soups and stews make a ton of servings. And they can usually be made entirely in one pot, meaning they save you time during both cooking and cleanup. Plus, it’s so easy to make a healthy soup and stew. Make a big batch on sunday, refrigerate enough leftovers for the next couple of days, freeze the rest, and heat individual servings whenever you’re ready to dig in. One spoon at a time. The thing I love most about liquid food, in addition to its taste, is the fact that the aromas infiltrate our flat for hours.

You know what I’m talking about. When you come across a food so deep that the idea of having to pretend to care about a conversation with someone, when you just want to spend every single gram of thought power on the meal at hand, is just. So. Hard.