Matter of Taste

Whether you have an important, upcoming corporate event or a simple lunchtime thank you for your employees, I am here to help. A basic meal can easily become an unforgettable experience for both guests and colleagues, as well as a phenomenal addition to any necessary brainstorming sessions.

These are the reasons why. Fresh nutritional value – REPeat is known for its farm-to-fork approach. I mostly use locally grown fruits and vegetables to guarantee the food is fresh and flavorful. Delivered to your lunchroom table – By preordering, I confirm each catering setup and conveniently bring your food to you. This ease of enjoying a full catering experience is one of my customer’s favourite feature. Increased employee morale – nothing increases employee morale more than being together doing something positive. The additional experience of adding a freshly prepared meal is ‘the icing on the cake’.

To have this type of ‘thank you’ happen in the comfort of your very own office or in a nearby park can make your employee’s day and motivate them to increase performance. Let me show you how I can turn your dull meal into one amazing experience, with just one quick phone call or by emailing me today.