Little hands. Big skills!

Food is a hot topic right now. Western societies have embraced current food movements. Local, organic and foodie are some of the biggest buzzwords of this century. But what about cooking? Is this a trend? And cooking with kids – is this happening? When kids learn to prepare food themselves, they gain life skills, experience joy and pleasure. They gain a sense of immediacy and accomplishment. They also learn about good nutrition and elements of math and science.

People are paying more attention than ever before to what they eat. We care where our food comes from but many adults still don’t have enough time to cook meals from scratch. And if adults don’t have time to cook food themselves, they certainly don’t have time to teach their children how to cook. Voices from all over the world are crying out for this to change and I am with them 100%. When children grow, cook and serve food, they want to eat it.

If we can teach our children to make food from scratch, using whole ingredients, we will give them skills they can use for their entire lives. My mission is to teach children the basics of making food: skills that will benefit society at large and especially children themselves. I teach kids to follow recipes, measure and combine ingredients and work together on a team all while promoting personal creativity. It’s time we all go back to the kitchen and take our kids with us. They want to be part of this FUN!