The beating of my heart

I adore the farmer’s market and the flea market, feeding friends and all of those cheerful things. Living is a humble thing. Cooking is a devine, ancient art. It is the elevation of biological necessity. It is the beating of my heart. It is broccoli and cauliflower. I like sharp knives. I like simplicity. I like food. All of the work I do is inspired by notion of squatting wherever you go and traveling even when you’re at home. For me, eating locally is just a part of the larger picture of living mindfully. Of being present. We are here, and it is now. Slow food and slower life make moments more vivid.

I love doing surprise caterings for special people in my life. At galleries or in the streets. Just to spice up their event, their big day. And I love to cook for skaters. I’ll grab any opportunity to serve food at a skateboard related event. I strive to appreciete every scent, every texture, every season, every taste. Sometimes beauty is very ugly, and sometimes the ugly is oh so beautiful.

So. I’m no Anthony. I’m surely no Jamie or Gordon. But I think that as we’re starting to hunger for real food, we’re hungering for real people. I have faith that there’s an audience that’s more interested in human beings and real life than staged fantasy or deceptively tidy suburban house, neither of which exist. Don’t get me wrong. I like kitchen towels hanging on an oven door and bowls of lemons on the kitchen table. I really do.

Photo: Tadej Vaukman