Remember Rosemary!

I am a great fan of the smell and taste of rosemary. It’s such a kick ass herb. And I’m lucky enough to have a chance to use it all year long. It’s an evergreen plant, native to the Mediteranian region, with a unique pine-like flavour and aroma that make it a good complement for […]

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SOUPer good!

There is something so comforting about homemade soup. I love building layers of flavour and tasting as it all comes together. Try this delicious creamy avocado soup on a cold winter day and it may become a staple in your kitchen too. Surprise. This rich, velvety soup contains no cream or milk. Forget any avocado […]

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Fresh or dry

The name oregano comes from the Greek, meaning ‘joy of the mountains’. I can easily imagine an ancient Greek shepherd with a bunch of sheep, picking springs of oregano leaves from a woody bush on a rocky hillside. Fresh oregano has a robust, woodsy flavour that makes it one of my go-to herbs in the […]

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Let’s talk turmeric

We have to remember, wellbeing doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Our lives are complex webs woven of our bodies, the environment, the compounds we eat, the thoughts we think, the people in our lives, what we spend our days doing. I’ve been drinking a turmeric, black pepper, honey, lemon and ginger potion almost every day […]

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Heat your oils up

Oil is the first thing to kiss a pan in most of the dishes so you gotta choose wisely. When it comes to cooking and baking, not all oils are created equal. Some are better for cooking low and slow while some like it screaming hot. Once upon a time, cooking oil in an average […]

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Ultimate stress fighters

There are times certain foods and drinks help us in ways we didn’t even know about. When stressed you can feel the need to overeat on junk food, which isn’t always the best option. Adaptogens help your body adapt to biological and psychological stress and make it easier to balance your hormonal systems. In India […]

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No more dark food days

There’s no theory to explain why we’ve chosen to eat processed food over home-prepared nutritious marvels. We accepted the concept of eating shit because we honestly thought that’s the way dishes are supposed to be. We didn’t bother learning how to cook for ourselves. We realised that we don’t have enough budget to do so. […]

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REPeat Alternatives to everyday boring dishes

Alternatives to everyday boring dishes

Bored of eating same sh*t every day. Well, thanks to an increasing public ‘what’s on my plate’ activity more and more individuals are exploring vegetarian, vegan and gluten free diets. Sure, it can seem hard to give up your favorite comfort foods, but here’s the good news — you don’t have to! Take care of […]

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couscous haters

Couscous for the couscous haters

I know quite a few people who hate couscous. Even the word itself is strange. Me, on the other hand, always keep making it just ‘cause it goes well with almost everything. There’s always a pack of that instant gold to be found in my kitchen. Foodies will scream: i-n-s-t-a-n-t. Yeah, instant.

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happy food - eat this and you will smile

Eat this and you will smile

From drowsiness after a hardcore meal to the jittery caffeine buzz, what we put inside our machine has a serious effect on how we feel. Good thing we can make choices and eat food that will boost our mood and go low on the ones that leave us cranky and irritated.

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