The beating of my heart

I adore the farmer’s market and the flea market, feeding friends and all of those cheerful things. Living is a humble thing. Cooking is a devine, ancient art. It is the elevation of biological necessity. It is the beating of my heart. It is broccoli and cauliflower. I like sharp knives. I like simplicity. I […]

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Means the world to me

I always had second thoughts about creating my own page. I had no idea how to go about it, how to write a recipe (solved that problem by drawing them) or even dream up enough content to keep things interesting. Not to mention there were already so many awesome sites out there dedicated to cooking. […]

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Cook from scratch and REPeat

I think it is more of an awareness of knowing where your food comes from. The farmers understand it. They have been doing this for years. They got it! Reteaching old habits seems to be the toughest part. On the other side of the table people truly want to know where their food is coming […]

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