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Food is simple.

Cuisines develop and evolve based on what’s available and prized, and individual taste depends on what we were fed and how we learn to feed ourselves. The restaurants and foods that are highlighted between the glossy covers of cooking magazines can focus on the exclusivity of high-end restaurants while disregarding the common dishes that we serve to each other.

Zines – handmade, independently produced magazines that rose to prominence in the ’90s – are making a huge comeback. It is a form of publication that I feel closely connected to. My foodzine covers all the hand-drawn recipes from this site, including the ingredient measurements. Buche, people behind my brand’s image, are doing their best to make sure the recipes look super nice. We left some of the recipe graphics blank, so the zine is partly functioning as a colouring book as well.

I like to create and share recipes that are fresh, seasonal, mostly simple, often healthy, comfort food. And sometimes with a little cheese and butter mixed in. I start out by making something that shows recipes I want to see, that represents my own experiences or my friends’ experiences. By 2050, we won’t be able to feed nine billion people on the planet if we continue to eat and drink the way we do now. It’s kind of a downer. I understand that it’s not something everybody wants to be confronted with in their daily lives, but I think it’s urgent.

The internet is heavy on food photography and presentation and is extremely consumerist-driven. I’m on the same boat, but I try to be honest with my food voice. Despite meatless cooking becoming more mainstream, I’m still not sure that what I’m doing really has an audience. Luckily, I don’t care that much because I have a lot of fun doing what I do.

Contact me if you want to order a copy or just to say hi. Cook your meals with people you love in mind, including yourself. The flavour begins there.