• repeat evgen čopi gorišek impression

    Simple and delicious food full of imagination. Always good vibes. In one word, fairytale.

    Evgen Čopi Gorišek, artist, Bovec

  • REPeat Matej Počervina impression

    Food on REPeat – made with balls and served from the heart.

    Matej Počervina, musician, Novo mesto

  • REPeat Dean Gostimirovič impression

    I would eat Tibor’s dishes even when I am not hungry.

    Dean Gostimirovič, skateboarder and cameraman, Ljubljana

  • REPeat Mojca Grmek impression

    Light and tasty food served with lots of love and high spirits.

    Mojca Grmek, curator, Pivka

  • REPeat Jure Črnič impression

    Tibor successfully combines quality ingredients from local growers with lots of enthusiasm. He has the ability to adjust his dishes to the season and the environment.

    Jure Črnič, bar manager and event organizer, Ljubljana

  • REPeat Tine Kaluža impression

    Tibor’s sense of incredibly innovative combo of flavours and his unhurried and all admiring will to food creation will give the city of Postojna a huge welcome wave of culinary freshness.

    Tine Kaluža, drummer, Postojna

  • REPeat Klemen Klemen impression

    What a magician creates with his skillful hands is deliciously tasty. It is true though that the magician has five hundred different tricks, flavors and dishes in his pocket. You better take a bite and get impressed. Thank you, magician Tibor.

    Klemen Klemen, raper, Ljubljana