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With the world consuming so many bananas, it’s not surprising that people are asking the question: are bananas good for you? Bananas are one of the most widely consumed fruits in the world for good reason. Eating them could help lower blood pressure and reduce the risks of cancer and asthma. Bananas are naturally free of fat, cholesterol, and sodium, and very rich in potassium. The potential health benefits of bananas include: lowering blood pressure, reducing the risk of developing childhood leukemia, and supporting heart health. Today, bananas are grown in at least 107 countries.

Dishes with Bananas

REPeat food-zine - crazy banana frozen snickers
REPeat foodzine2 Banana oatmeal bites
REPeat foodzine5 Fried cinnamon bananas
REPeat foodzine10 Banana-coconut curry with rice